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As an athlete, you know that the greatest joy of playing comes in constantly getting better, striving to reach your potential in whichever sport you choose. The goal at XL Training is to help each athlete obtain their peak athletic performance through a customized program which includes a well-designed resistance training program, improved energy system development, and nutritional and life-style guidance, while reducing the risk of serious injury.

Our programs can be engineered for competitive athletes, the weekend warrior, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone hoping to improve their health and enhance their energy. You don’t need to set world records to be a champion. All it takes is the desire to find your personal best and the fitness plan to get you there safely. 


XL Training will provide the plan.  The rest is up to you.



XL Training's founder, Brian Robinson, has been a competitive soccer player, wrestler, and martial artist for more than twenty years. He was a D1 soccer player, AAU wrestler, and holds a 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Brian has trained professional soccer and hockey players, A-List actors, Fortune 100 CEOs, and collegiate and high school All-Americans and All-Conference athletes.

Additionally, Brian is certified through USA Weightlifting and holds the Sports Performance Coach certification. Brian also holds the Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) designation through MBSC, Lee Taft’s Certified Speed and Agility designation, Joel Jamieson’s Certified Conditioning Coach designation, the Functional Movement Screen certification, and was one of the founding directors of the International Youth Conditioning Association. The International Youth Conditioning Association is the premier international authority with respect to athletic development and youth participant-based conditioning.  

Brian has also mentored with nationally and internationally recognized strength and conditioning expert, Michael Boyle, as well as mentoring with nationally and internationally recognized speed, agility, and quickness guru, Lee Taft. 


Training programs customized for every skill and fitness level and personal goals. Designed to excel, we'll help you achieve your goals and then go beyond them.  One-on-one or groups sessions available. 


XL Training teaches and improves an athlete's speed by focusing on proper running mechanics, understanding the application of power, and improving strength, mobility and flexibility. 

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